iOS 18 adds a new dynamic wallpaper that changes colors on its own

There are some big updates coming to iPhone in iOS 18, from Apple Intelligence to a revamped Photos apps to a redesigned Control Center. But there are some smaller visual updates that are sure to intrigue iPhone owners as well, such as the all-new “Dynamic” wallpaper, which debuted alongside iOS 18 developer beta 3 on Monday.

As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple introduced a new default wallpaper for iOS 18, as it does with each numbered software update. The wallpaper was previously available in four colors — yellow, pink, azure, and purple — but there’s now a fifth option: Dynamic.

As the name suggests, the Apple wallpaper will change dynamically throughout the day, cycling through all of the color options so you don’t have to pick just one. Apple leaker ShrimpApplePro shared a video of the new wallpaper in action on X (formerly Twitter):

It’s not totally clear what causes the wallpaper to change colors, but it seems to shift depending on the time of day. As iPhone owners on the iOS 18 beta have time to experiment with it, we’re sure to find out exactly how the dynamic wallpaper works.

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Some of the other new features that Apple has added in previous iOS 18 betas include iPhone Mirroring, RCS support, and SharePlay screen sharing.

You’ll need a developer account to access the iOS 18 beta right now, but the first iOS 18 public beta is expected to arrive before the end of the month. For the past two years, Apple has rolled out the first public beta by July 12, so it could be any day now.


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