Why I’ll keep my Apple Watch Ultra 2 even if the leaked Series 10 redesign is real

With the Apple Watch Series 10 design possibly leaking this week, I still don’t think I’m convinced I want to ditch my Apple Watch Ultra 2. Even though Apple could upgrade the display so it’s on par with the company’s Ultra model, there are several benefits exclusive to the Apple Watch Ultra 2 that will stop me from upgrading.

According to the leak, Apple is planning an Apple Watch Series 10 with a bigger display, but the case will be thinner than an Apple Watch Ultra. With an all-new design, it seems Cupertino will make all of the current Apple Watch bands incompatible with this new generation. That said, I have several reasons not to ditch my beloved Apple Watch Ultra 2, aside from the fact that all my current bands would be useless.

Apple Watch Series 10: Purported CAD design.Apple Watch Series 10: Purported CAD design. Image source: 91mobiles

For example, I love the Apple Watch Ultra 2 giant battery. As Apple plans to make its devices thinner (this design change started with the M4 iPad Pro), it’s only natural that battery might take a big hit – or at least Apple will do the most to improve software reliability to make it similar to the previous generation. Still, a smaller battery also means it will degrade faster.

I also love its rugged design. I love doing outdoor runs, and after almost a year, my Apple Watch Ultra 2 looks as good as new. With an upcoming Apple Watch Series 10, it will likely be more fragile–at least compared to Apple Watch Ultra.

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It’s also important to note that I love the Action Button and the siren mode. Although I never plan to use it, it’s better to be safe than sound. For the Action Button, I think it’s great to easily access the Workout app and interact with it during an exercise.

Last but not least, I’ve been collecting Apple Watch bands for more than half a decade, so I’m not ready to ditch my collection just yet. With rumors saying Apple will offer a new band connector, I don’t want to buy new ones already.

Here’s what might make me upgrade my Apple Watch Ultra 2

If the Apple Watch Series 10 might not be enough, I think a new Ultra variation could really make me upgrade, especially if we get new health sensors. Apple has been working on several new sensors, but it’s unclear when they could be released.

In addition, Apple was working on a new design for Apple Watch Ultra, but it seems it will take more years to release. So, until then, I’ll keep my current model. Also, I’d rather wait and see if the new bands won’t have a FineWoven moment.

Below, you can learn more about the latest Apple Watch Series 10 rumors and leaks.


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