iPhone 16 buttons will reportedly get a major revamp

With the iPhone 15 rumor cycle, it was expected that Apple could add capacitive buttons to this device. This means the company would remove the physical buttons and add haptic feedback, making it feel like you were pressing buttons without actually pressing anything. The company already offered this solution with the Home Button on the iPhone 8.

Unfortunately, Apple scrapped its plans, and the last rumor about these capacitive buttons coming to the iPhone 16 models was posted almost a year ago when analyst Jeff Pu said there was a low chance that Apple would add solid-state buttons to upcoming iPhones.

Still, according to a new report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, manufacturer ASE might have won a large order for iPhone SiP modules. With that, the company would be responsible for the iPhone 16 capacitive buttons. The publication says Apple plans to remove the main physical buttons from the next iPhone as both volume and power buttons would be solid-state.

Basically, adding solid-state buttons would help fulfill Apple’s dream of a buttonless and, eventually, portless iPhone. With no physical buttons, there is less of a chance that the iPhone will break, and it also improves water and dust resistance. Still, the company needs some physical buttons to help iPhone users force the iPhone to restart or even wake it up when turned off.

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It’s possible that the Action and upcoming Capture buttons might be responsible for a possible Hard Reset option, as if the iPhone isn’t on, the Side and volume buttons wouldn’t work.

Wrap up

We still have to learn from more sources to understand if Apple is revamping the iPhone 16 buttons or if this rumorous report is about a different product we don’t know about. For example, Cupertino could add these buttons for a new iPad.

Time will tell, and BGR will keep an eye on new rumors regarding the iPhone 16 models. Below, you can read our full guide about Apple’s upcoming iPhone.


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