Google fires shots at custom GPTs with Gemini Gems

Google just introduced the new Gemini Gems during I/O 2024, as it’s firing shots at custom GPTs. These personalized chatbots with personalities and abilities will be available in the coming months.

As Google describes, you can create a yoga bestie or a calculus tutor to help you with specific tasks and interact with them repeatedly. This feature is similar to OpenAI’s GPT Store, which helps you do that.

With that, Gemini Gems preserve specific characteristics, so interacting with the assistant feels more personal for your needs. You can create different “personalities” for several tasks, such as studying for a test, preparing to run a marathon, getting help to eat more healthily, and more. Google says it’s adding custom Gems, such as a learning coach.

The new Gemini Gems feature will be available to Gemini Advanced subscribers, allowing them to have personal assistants for specific tasks. However, Google still needs to explain more about how this feature will work and how it can improve our daily tasks.

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In addition to this news, Gemini Advanced will now give you access to Google’s next-generation AI model, 1.5 Pro, with a 1 million token context window. Users can upload documents up to 1,500 pages to tackle more complex problems than ever before.

This summer, Gemini Advanced will also consider space-time logistics to create a personalized itinerary for your next trip or business day, saving you work hours.

Below, you can learn some other Gemini AI features that are coming to Google services, such as Gmail, Photos, Search, and so much more. Keep following BGR for the latest Google I/O 2024 news.


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