Vision Pro 2 release reportedly on hold as Apple focuses on cheaper 2025 model

Rumors about Apple Vision Pro 2 and a cheaper model always suggest the two products can’t be developed simultaneously. Previously, we heard that Apple had canceled the development of a low-cost model to focus on a second generation of its spatial computer. Now, The Information says the opposite, as Apple has apparently halted the development of Vision Pro 2 to focus on a cheaper version.

According to the publication, Apple has told at least one of its suppliers that it suspended work on Vision Pro 2. For now, Cupertino prioritizes a more affordable version with fewer features.

While it’s unclear when Apple will resume Vision Pro 2 work, previous rumors say the company wants to release a second generation by 2027, which is likely enough time to start an entirely new project, as the foundation of the spatial computer is already set.

That said, another key piece of information from the report reveals that one of the suppliers for this device cut production by 50% in May after a forecast from Apple, which predicted weaker demand than expected. With that, Apple might not produce more than 500,000 Vision Pro units this year, as it doesn’t plan to keep making more of these devices in the near future.

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Interestingly enough, the company has just announced a Vision Pro expansion to several countries. With that in mind, it seems even expanding this device internationally won’t be enough to drive sales. In addition, visionOS 2 doesn’t look like a big upgrade, even though it has important new features.

It seems that this cheaper Apple Vision Pro would cost around $1,600. However, Apple doesn’t know what features to cut to make this device affordable, as removing cameras and the ultra-realistic display might interfere with the experience.

Bloomberg previously reported that Apple has internally discussed prices ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 for the upcoming “ow-cost Apple Vision Pro model. In addition to lower-resolution displays and an iPhone processor rather than a Mac chip, Apple could be planning to remove the EyeSight feature and include fewer external cameras and sensors.

If you’re still deciding whether to get an Apple Vision Pro, it might be better to wait a few more years until the company has a clearer vision of what it’s going to do with spatial computing.


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