Samsung follows LG and expands AirPlay availability in hotel rooms

AirPlay in hotel rooms is one of the top iPhone features that was announced with iOS 17. While this feature was released with iOS 17.3, it didn’t actually start working until April this year when Apple announced LG TVs in IHG Hotels & Resorts would use AirPlay in its rooms to privately and securely help people stream their favorite shows and movies, listen to personal playlists, play Apple Arcade games, and more on hotel room TVs.

Now, Samsung has announced that Apple AirPlay in hotel rooms is coming to its smart TVs as well, starting with the HBU8000 model.

While Samsung isn’t revealing which hotel chains are getting this feature, it seems the company will bring it as a software update for convenience. In a press release, the company says: “Guests will be able to enjoy the convenience of watching their favorite shows and movies from popular streaming services, listening to personal playlists on various music platforms, viewing photos, practicing presentations, playing games and more on the TV in their room. By simply scanning a unique, on-screen QR code, guests can privately and securely connect their iPhone or iPad to the Samsung Hospitality TV.”

Samsung says its Hospitality TV program is more than Apple AirPlay in hotel rooms, as it will include LYNK Cloud and SmartThings Pro for enhanced connectivity.

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“AirPlay allows both iPhone and iPad users to easily share their favorite content on the big screen in their hotel room, making their temporary stay at a hotel feel more like home. LYNK Cloud and SmartThings Pro also give hotel management better business insights while making their operations more seamless and efficient,” said Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

BGR will let you know when Samsung reveals which hotel chains it’s partnering with.


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