AMD’s next-gen Zen 5 CPUs could launch seriously soon going by a new rumor

AMD’s Zen 5 desktop processors could be nearing release as another motherboard vendor has brought in initial support for what’s most likely to be Ryzen 9000 CPUs.

As highlighted by well-known leaker HXL on X (formerly Twitter), MSI has released new firmware for its AM5 chipset motherboards featuring AGESA As the description lets us know, the firmware supports AMD’s “next-gen CPU” namely Ryzen 9000 – well, probably.

It doesn’t confirm the name, of course, so there’s always a chance AMD could run with something different.

What makes this move even more telling is that a couple of weeks ago, Asus released a new BIOS which was also updated to AGESA version

So, two motherboard makers have now released firmware that comes with support for these next-gen Zen 5 processors (and not just Ryzen 9000, known as ‘Granite Ridge’ CPUs, but also Fire Range APUs based on Zen 5 too).

Analysis: The stage is seemingly set

With two major motherboard manufacturers now having laid the groundwork for Zen 5 CPUs, that’s a definite hint that AMD’s next-gen chips might be coming pretty soon.

However, we should bear in mind that these BIOS releases are still in beta testing, so it’s early days for them. (And obviously, if you’re tempted to download the new firmware in either case, remember they’re betas, and we wouldn’t recommend playing with that particular fire unless there’s a really pressing reason to have the update – support for as yet non-existent processors not being one, of course).

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As to when Zen 5 desktop chips might actually arrive, the current whispers on the grapevine are still hopeful for a Q3 release, meaning there’s maybe an outside chance of July – a possibility that this preparatory motherboard work certainly does nothing to dispel. Another recent leak has suggested a Q3 launch, too, with Ryzen 9000 rumored to offer in the order of a 15% to 20% generational performance jump (on average).

We could see a reveal for Zen 5 chips at Computex, which is in June – that seems likely, and would fit nicely ahead of a potential July or August launch.

Keep your skeptical caps firmly on, mind, with all this – and there are contrary suggestions from the rumor mill that cast doubt on a Q3 timeframe – but we’re getting somewhat excited we must admit, given the recent increase in spillage around AMD’s next-gen CPUs.

Via Tom’s Hardware

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