7 Gemini AI features Google is adding to Gmail, Photos, and more

During Google’s I/O 2024 conference, the tech giant announced several new Gemini AI features coming to Gmail, Search, Shopping, and more. Here they are.

To begin the conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that the new Gemini 1.5 Pro now has a 2 million token context window, which is the amount of information the AI model can understand. With the previous version, it had 1 million tokens.

Now, Google wants to deepen into two main features: Multimodality and long context, so it can understand more complex queries and help users with their everyday tasks, such as:

Google Ask PhotosImage source: Google

Google Photos: You can Ask Photos with Gemini. So, the AI could help you find your car’s license plate and even show how your daughter improved with swimming classes over the years.

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Gmail: Gemini can help you catch up with e-mails from your kid’s school, such as upcoming events, what’s going on with your child, and more.

Shopping: Gemini can help you return products you buy. You can show a photo of your Converse, and the assistant will find the invoice on your Gmail, contact the store and organize with UPS so you can return the shoes.

Search: Google Search’s AI-generate summaries, which are now named AI Overviews, are launching to everyone in the US this week.

Search Videos: Gemini breaks down video frame by frame so Search can identify your issue, and use the web to find relevant information.

Summarize e-mails: Google is adding a new Summarize option to long thread emails so you can offer context and summarize a subject you’re talking about with other people.

Gmail, Drive, and Sheets integration: Gemini can understand patterns in your emails and help you organize information, such as your store receipts, in a spreadsheet or folder.

Google says these features are launching in the coming weeks, with even more to come.


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