You should definitely get Beats Studio Buds instead of AirPods right now

I recently told you why now is a good time to pick up a pair of Apple’s entry-level AirPods. If you have to have an Apple-branded product, or if you want open earbuds that let in the sounds around you, that’s still true. But if you just want the best wireless earbuds you can get for the money, then you should definitely skip AirPods and go for Beats Studio Buds instead. They have several big advantages over Apple’s entry-level AirPods, yet they’re currently on sale for the same price.

With Beats Studio Buds+ now available, it should come as no surprise that entry-level Beats Studio Buds go on sale more often. Right now, Beats Studio Buds are on sale with a huge discount that drops them to $79.99 at Amazon or Best Buy. That’s an incredible price for Beats earbuds with excellent sound quality, deep bass, and active noise cancelling tech.

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Since Beats Studio Buds are priced at $149.95 while AirPods 3 start at $169, people often draw comparisons between the two. If you ask me, however, that’s not a fair comparison.

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Where sound quality is concerned, yes, Beats Studio Buds and AirPods 3 are on par. Each model outshines the other in certain areas, typically by a narrow margin. Both pairs of earphones also feature the Apple H1 chip.

But Beats Studio Buds also have active noise cancellation, which many people consider to be a must-have in this day and age. Meanwhile, the only AirPods in-ear headphones with ANC are AirPods Pro, which cost $249.

That’s $100 more than Beats Studio Buds if you buy them at full price. Right now, however, Amazon and Best Buy both have them on sale. You’ll pay just $79.99 for these popular ANC earbuds, which is the same price as Apple’s cheapest AirPods while they’re on sale. Beats Studio Buds crush entry-level AirPods though, so there’s no question which one you should pick at this price.

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In addition to the Studio Buds, several other Beats headphones models are also on sale right now.

Anyone who doesn’t mind a slightly older model should check out Powerbeats Pro, which are down to $159.95 instead of $250 today. They also have the Apple H1 chip, and they have an ear hook form factor that many people prefer to regular earbuds.

If you’re in the market for over-ear headphones, you’ve got two excellent options right now. $200 Beats Solo3 headphones are down to $99.95 right now, but only if you can find them in stock. Or, you can get the hot new Beats Fit Pro ANC earbuds in any colorway — including Volt Yellow — for $159.95 instead of $200.

And finally, you’ll find Beats Studio Pro wireless noise cancelling over-ear headphones on sale for $179.95. That’s an incredible price for the best over-ear headphones that Beats makes. They typically sell for $350, so this is a huge discount, and it’s close to the all-time low for this model.

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