This pink Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU features adorable cats and pugs, oh my!

There’s a new Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 on the block and while it might not be the best graphics card out there, it has one massive advantage: it’s adorably cat-themed.

The card is currently available through one of Nvidia’s Chinese board partners, ASL, and can be shipped out to the US. Even better, the price is less than a normal RTX 4060. The design is a collaboration between ASL and SupremoCat, a Chinese cartoon brand, and features Wuhuang and Bazhahey (a cat and pug duo) wearing sunglasses and placed at the center of each fan. To top it off, the card is a pretty pastel pink, giving it even cuter vibes.

If you’re in the US, you can order this card on AliExpress for $374.99, which isn’t too shabby. And if you sign up for an AliExpress Choice subscription you can get free delivery on your order, which is an even better incentive considering how slow and expensive international shipping can be.

Make gaming PCs and peripherals cuter, please 

I’ve been shouting from the digital rooftops for years that we need more cute tech to combat the dreaded gamer aesthetic that’s still popular with manufacturers to this day. Seeing this adorable collab birth such a cute graphics card is music to my eyes and I want to see more of this in the future.

Other cute accessories have been released in the past including several pink Razer devices, a HyperX pajama cat keycap, and even this extremely cute robot that delivers coffee. I love seeing designs and colors like this out in the wild and we need more of them.

Gaming setups are normally incredibly boring, a generic mix of RGB lighting trying to liven up black computers and accessories. But having unique colors, designs, shapes, and more does far more to add real personality and distinctiveness to a gamer space. I want people to immediately see my obsession with sickeningly cute animals the minute they lay eyes on my desk, not have strobe lights flash in their eyes.

So yes, I want more pink and purple laptops and keyboards with cat and dog keycaps, and there’s definitely a market out there for people like me.

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