Looking to buy an RTX 4070 Super? Good news – Nvidia’s new GPU has already dropped below MSRP

Nvidia’s RTX 4070 Super might be new to the graphics card scene, but the GPU has already sunk below its MSRP in the US – and elsewhere.

VideoCardz noticed that on both Newegg and Amazon in the US, one model of the RTX 4070 Super is now at $589.99, which is $10 under the MSRP of $599.99. The graphics card in question is the Zotac Twin Edge version of the RTX 4070 Super.

While this has only happened with the Zotac card, there are a couple of other overclocked models of the 4070 Super that have been knocked down to the MSRP, including the Asus Dual OC Edition which is $10 off via a discount code. (That has a boost of 2550MHz, compared to 2475MHz on the mentioned Zotac model, so you’re getting some extra pep for that additional ten bucks).

How is pricing outside of the US, then, you might be wondering? In the UK, the recommended price of the RTX 4070 Super is £579, and the same Zotac Twin Edge has been knocked down to £540 at Overclockers UK (at the time of writing, which is the case for all mentioned prices, of course). Again, that’s the only GPU that is below the MSRP in the UK, too.

Over in Australia, there are more models under the MSRP of AU$1,119, and you can get an RTX 4070 Super for as cheap as AU$1,039 currently – a PNY Verto version in this case (at JW.com).

Analysis: A hint of bigger drops to come?

This is pretty interesting, to say the least. Very early doors with the RTX 4070 Super – which immediately established its position as the top Nvidia card on our best GPU list – we witnessed some sub-MSRP pricing at European retailers, but clearly that move is coming through in other markets now, including the US.

Granted, that $10 discount in the US is not much, but this early in the game still – remember, the RTX 4070 Super has only been on shelves for a month – any movement below MSRP is a telling sign. Particularly when these shifts are happening for some models of the GPU elsewhere – in the UK, Australia, and other regions – with bigger drops in the order of 7% as evidenced above.

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This is at least some tentative evidence that retailers need to drop the price a little to stimulate RTX 4070 Super sales – with the weighty caveat that it’s a narrow scenario with a limited number of models (especially in the US, where the price drop is less impactful as noted). Still, this gives us some hope that we might just see the RTX 4070 Super drop even lower in the US before too long.

That’ll have a knock-on effect on the RTX 4070, of course, as this GPU has been pushed down in pricing to accommodate the 4070 Super. And if we look at the US right now, again with the 4070 Super being discounted, the RTX 4070 is also down to $530 (from an MSRP of $549). All of which is great news for PC owners looking to upgrade their graphics card.

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