iOS 18 will revamp Control Center, add new text effects in iMessage

In the days leading up to Apple’s 2024 WWDC, virtually everything the company plans to reveal has started to leak online. Just yesterday, Bloomberg reported that Siri is getting an AI overhaul in iOS 18, and now, even more iOS 18 details have been unveiled.

Shortly after Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman published an article about the Siri revamp on Thursday, he took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a few additional pieces of information. First, he noted the iOS Settings app is getting a new, cleaner UI that should be easier to navigate. He also claimed that updates are coming to Control Center but didn’t provide any specifics:

Rumors of a redesigned Control Center have been spreading off and on for years, but it sounds like Apple might finally go through with it later this year.

Then, on Friday morning, MacRumors jumped in with an iOS 18 leak of its own. According to the site, Apple will upgrade text effects in iMessage for its next major iOS release. Currently, iPhone owners can send messages with effects that change individual message bubbles or full-screen effects that fill up the entire display with animations like lasers or fireworks.

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In iOS 18, users will be able to add message effects to individual words within a text message. It should make for a much more chaotic texting experience, but if you really need to emphasize a word or two in your text, you’ll apparently be able to do so.

AI will be the star of the show at WWDC 24, but it looks like Apple has several other tweaks and updates in store for its mobile operating system as well.


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