iOS 18 reportedly solves iPhone Calendar and Reminders apps’ biggest problem

Ahead of the official iOS 18 announcement on June 10, several reports have highlighted what we could expect from the iPhone’s upcoming operating system. Now, there’s even more to be excited about this software, as it seems to improve an issue users have faced for years: The lack of interoperability between Calendar and Reminders apps.

According to AppleInsider, a pre-released version of iOS 18 shows that Apple might merge Reminders features into Calendar and Reminders into a powerful Calendar app. With that, users would be able to “schedule and organize reminders directly from within the Calendar app, without the need to launch the standalone Reminders app.”

This change will be available for both iOS 18 and macOS 15 versions. Although the publication doesn’t mention it, it’s likely that iPadOS 18 and watchOS 11 could offer these new features. It’s interesting that Apple might not kill the Reminders app, even though it’s bringing its core features to Calendar.

AppleInsider mentions that the Calendar app will behave similarly to the Reminders app, with the ability to select a specific date, time, and location for new reminders. Still, the publication doesn’t expect major design changes within the app, as Apple only plans small tweaks for overall improvements.

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If this report is accurate, Apple will solve a long issue iPhone users have faced, as both apps have never really talked with each other. In addition, it might make creating reminders more efficient, as iPhone users can rely solely on the Calendar app.

Wrap up

WWDC 2024 is just around the corner. iOS 18 is slated to become the iPhone’s most important software update with several AI features, a revamp to the Home Screen, new features coming to Apple Maps, Notes, Apple Music, Fitness, iWork suite, and so much more.

Below, we have gathered all the latest rumors about iOS 18.


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