I’ll still buy Apple’s OLED iPad Pro even if iPadOS 18 doesn’t wow me

We are a few months away from WWDC 2024 and, luckily, just a few weeks from the OLED iPad Pro announcement. While my smart colleague Chris Smith says he’ll wait for iPadOS 18 to decide if he’ll buy the next iPad Pro, I have no plans to wait that long.

Ever since Apple introduced its iPadOS rebrand, I’ve been writing that I hope the next software update will unlock the iPad’s full capabilities. After a series of mild updates from iPadOS 15, iPadOS 16, and iPadOS 17, I’m not sure Cupertino will ever make the iPadOS version that power users have been waiting for.

But that won’t stop me from upgrading to the OLED iPad Pro, which is shaping up to be a huge upgrade.

iPadOS 18 should start by revamping basic features

In previous years, Apple added Universal Control and Stage Manager functions, but I think these features only make the iPad a Mac accessory. One of the many issues with the iPad operating system is that Apple treats it like an iPhone, but the iPad is more of a Mac than a smartphone.

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And I’m not even talking about impressive features the iPad should have, but Apple is neglecting even the smallest details. Since the 2018 iPad Pro introduction, the company has offered a bizarre aspect ratio for large iPads. Take the photo below as an example: A 12.9-inch tablet that can only fit four apps per column, with up to six rows. The amount of blank space is just absurd.

Apple iPad Pro DisplayImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Also, while the sidebar offers a unique customization, it also adds even more blank space to the iPad. First of all, Apple needs to revamp its iPadOS design to make the iPad useful.

In addition, if you want to type using the iPad’s screen, you lose half of the space due to the keyboard arrangement. The only way to fix it is with an expensive Magic Keyboard. (Don’t you dare tell me to split the keyboard in half or that tiny, floaty keyboard that’s terrible.)

Besides that, Apple needs to make multitasking easier. If I can work on a 13-inch MacBook, why is it so difficult to do the same tasks on a 13-inch tablet? Customization and multitasking are all I want for the next iPadOS 18.

Here’s why I’ll still buy the OLED iPad Pro

Apple iPad ProThe 2022 iPad Pro generation features LCD and mini LED displays. Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

To be honest, the only reason I’m planning to upgrade to the OLED iPad Pro is because I’m lacking a new iPad. I have a 2017 iPad Pro, a pre-M1 iPad Air, and the latest iPad mini 6. Not only am I losing a few functions exclusive to M-series iPads, but I feel like the new iPad Pro will fix other issues, such as improving image quality, switching the front-facing camera for a better FaceTime experience, and a thinner, lighter design so the iPad doesn’t look and feel as bulkier as the current generation.

I’m also hopeful that the next-gen Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil 3 will fix drain battery issues, while the rumored Find My feature will help me not to lose the pencil.

That said, I wish Apple would bring a great iPadOS 18 experience, but if not, this won’t be the reason why I won’t buy this great piece of hardware. At least, I’ll have years of software updates, so maybe Apple will fix some of the issues mentioned above – eventually.

Below, you can learn everything we know about the 2024 iPad Pro.


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