Google Maps can show social media posts from your favorite places

Google Maps can do more than just help you reach your next destination. It can help you discover nearby attractions and more details about your favorite places. Common examples include business hours and contact information. You also have access to plenty of user-generated content, including reviews and photos, which can come in handy.

At times, it might seem like it’s too much information, sure. But that information is only there if you decide to engage with a business. You can ignore it most of the time if you want to. 

Google Maps users who routinely inspect reviews and photos tied to businesses should be happy to hear the app can also show social media for business profiles. It’ll be up to your favorite places to link their social media profiles to their Google Business Profiles.

Spotted by Search Engine Journal and Krystal Taing, the new Google Maps feature has started rolling out in select regions. 

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That means not all businesses on Google Maps will take advantage of the new feature right away. And you might not see the social posts in Google Search or Google Maps immediately. 

Google has a support document that explains the new social media integration for Google Business Profiles. The company says that a business can add one account for each of the following social networks to its profile: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X, and YouTube. The document also explains how to add those social networks. 

Once the process is complete, Google Search and Google Maps listing for that Business Profile will show the latest posts from the company’s social channels in a new tab called “Social media updates.” 

Regular users don’t have to do anything to see the social media updates in Google Maps. They just have to wait for Google Business Profiles to support the feature in their area, and for local companies to take advantage of it.

The tab will appear under the reviews section. That’s where users will actually get to do something. They will have to do some scrolling to get to the social updates. The good news is that also means Search and Maps results for businesses will not spam you with more information than you need. You’ll have to scroll down and open the new social tab to check out some of the newest social media content your favorite companies might post.

The feature will certainly come in handy for people who follow social media from their favorite companies. I’m not sure how often I’d use the feature personally. However, I will say I often look at reviews on Google Maps, especially when visiting a new city. I’ll even check out photos of a bar or restaurant and take a peek at the menu if it’s available.

If you’re always looking for new products, sales, and special events, social media is where many companies will advertise their latest deals and promotions. Also, the social activity of a place you’ve never visited might provide more information about it, in addition to Google Maps reviews.

You’ll see those posts in Google Maps, too, if you choose to scroll down and check out that information.


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