Apple’s One More Thing at next week’s iPad event might be an iPhone surprise

Less than a week from now, Apple will hold its Let Loose event, where the company is expected to announce a powerful iPad Pro with an OLED display, M4 processor, revamped Magic Keyboard, new Apple Pencil 3, and the M2 iPad Air in two different sizes.

Still, Cupertino might have one more thing to announce during this event: A new color variant of the iPhone 15. (RED) posted on X what some users interpreted as a hint to a new mid-cycle update. “Have an Apple before your donut,” reads the caption of an iPhone PRODUCT(RED) image with some donuts behind.

Although (RED) has never teased a new color ahead of an official Apple announcement, Cupertino may plan a mid-cycle update for the iPhone 15. While we have all expected this new color to be unveiled in March when the company released its spring cases, bands, and the M3 MacBook Air, it’s still possible that Apple decided to make this announcement alongside the new iPad Pro.

To corroborate this possible hint, Apple has released new colors during its iPhone mid-cycle in the past three years.

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  • Yellow iPhone 14 was announced on March 7, 2023
  • Alpine green iPhone 13 Pro and green iPhone 13 were announced on March 8, 2022
  • Purple iPhone 12 was announced on April 20, 2021

Prior to that, Apple started the trend by introducing the PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Apple has been a long (RED) partner, and it makes sense if the company plans to release a special edition this May, even though the company has never waited so long to introduce a mid-cycle update for the iPhone.

The iPhone 15 was a very popular release due to its new design, USB-C support, new processors, and big camera improvements. Still, Apple has lost some market share with poor sales in the past months. As we’re still six months ahead of the official iPhone 16 announcement, Cupertino might get some sales increase if it releases a new iPhone 15 color.

BGR will bring all the details of the iPad event as Apple announces them.


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