Apple roadmap leak lists every unreleased iPhone and iPad coming in 2024

A leaker known for revealing upcoming operating system builds for Apple devices has shared the identifier of every unreleased iPhone and iPad coming in 2024. While previous reports have revealed some details about upcoming models, this is the broader Apple leak we have so far.

According to them, we should really expect an iPad Air variation, while no iPhone Ultra might be released in 2024. For the iPhone 16 lineup, they reveal the codename and family chip for each model:

  • iPhone 16: D47AP with (possibly) A18 chip
  • iPhone 16 Plus: D48AP with (possibly) A18 chip
  • iPhone 16 Pro: D93AP with (possibly) A18 chip
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max: D94AP with (possibly) A18 chip

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic IslandImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

The processor in this Apple leak only confirms that Apple will use the same family of chips, with the identifier T8140, which probably indicates the A18 processors. As previously reported, Apple is expected to unveil a Pro and a regular version of these chips instead of using last year’s processor.

For the iPad, it’s a bit more interesting. The Apple leaker suggests the iPad 11 will feature the same A14 Bionic chip of the previous generation – although they say they are unsure. But the iPad mini, for example, would feature an A17 chip, which could indicate hardware-accelerated ray tracing, making this smaller tablet a very powerful gaming platform.

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iPad Air running Apple Music ClassicalImage source: José Adorno for BGR

On the other hand, the iPad Air with M2 is expected to come in two different models – most likely 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch versions – but with hardware that doesn’t offer hardware-accelerated ray tracing. Very Apple, right?

Finally, the upcoming OLED iPad Pro has the M3 chip identifier T8132 with codenames previously revealed: J717AP, J718AP, J720AP, and J721AP.

Although this Apple leaker was able to reveal all of these details, it’s unclear when some of them will be released. While the iPad Pro and iPad Air are expected to be announced later this month, new iPhones and iPads might come in September and October, respectively.

BGR will keep reporting the latest Apple leaks as we learn more about them.


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