Apple releases watchOS 10.5 RC 2 to Apple Watch developers

A day after seeding the first Release Candidate version of watchOS 10.5, Apple released a second RC version. At the moment, it’s unclear why Cupertino had to do this. After a mild update with watchOS 10.4, this next version doesn’t bring many changes as Apple is already preparing for the watchOS 11 preview in June.

So far, Apple says watchOS 10.5 RC fixes an issue where the Terms of Service button when viewing a subscription could cause a crash when tapped. Other than that, Apple is specifically adding with watchOS 10.5 RC a new Pride Radiance watch face.

Apple 2024 Pride CollectionImage source: Apple Inc.

Apple says is brings “bold, symbolic color to Apple Watch. Signaling hope, strength, and fellowship to LGBTQ+ communities, the beams of light glow against a dark background and stack on top of each other to represent the everlasting impact of LGBTQ+ activism and its role in illuminating the path to greater equality for future generations.”

With watchOS 10.4, Apple added 28 new emojis. Although the new figures include a lime, shaking heads, a phoenix, and four new gender-neutral family emojis intended to be represented via silhouettes, skin tone modifiers, and gender variants represent the majority of new emojis. They can be used in iMessage and other messaging apps with your Apple Watch.

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Besides that, watchOS 10.4 added a new tweak for Apple Vision Pro users. Since both devices rely on double-tap gestures, you can turn on the Ignore Double Tap setting when using Apple’s spatial computer. Here’s how Apple describes this feature: “When this is on, the double tap gesture will be temporarily ignored while using Vision Pro.”

For those unaware, pinching your fingers is the way you control Apple Vision Pro, but if you double tap your fingers, this is also how you can control Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. Thankfully, the owners of both newer Apple Watches and Vision Pro won’t have this issue for longer.

watchOS 10.4 also brought improvements to Siri, as you can now wake the personal assistant with only its name by saying “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri.” In addition, Siri can read incoming messages in multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and more.

BGR will let you know if we find anything different with watchOS 10.5 RC 2.


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