Aruba AP-615 Tri Band 802.11ax 3.60 Gbit/s Wireless Access Point – Indoor


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For enterprises who need more wireless capacity and/or wider channels, Aruba 610 Series Campus APs are designed to take advantage of the newly available 6 GHz spectrum using a unique dual-radio/tri-band architecture. Adding support for the 6 GHz band to the traditional 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands more than doubles the available wireless capacity in a wireless network – so you can meet growing demand due to bandwidth-hungry video, increasing numbers of client and IoT devices, and growth in cloud.

Unique to Aruba, the 610 Series features two radios that can be tuned to any two of the three available spectrum bands for Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 6 GHz). This flexibility provides a cost-effective and compact platform that delivers full tri-band coverage as part of a multi-AP deployment and can be used with software that will intelligently and flexibly configure the radios of each of these dual-radio APs.

More capacity and wider channels

The Aruba 610 Series APs are designed to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6E and the 6 GHz band, which translates into far greater speeds, wider channels for multi-gigabit traffic, and less interference. Its two 2×2 MIMO radios deliver a combined peak data rate of up to 3.6 Gbps when configured for concurrent 5 GHz and 6 GHz operation.

Advantages of 6 GHz

Wi-Fi 6E provides up to 1200 MHz of additional unlicensed spectrum in the 6 GHz band for higher throughput and improved application performance. With up to seven 160 MHz channels, Wi-Fi 6E can better support low-latency, bandwidth hungry applications like high-definition video and augmented reality/virtual reality applications. Only Wi-Fi 6E capable devices can use the 6 GHz band so there is no interference or slowdowns due to legacy devices.

Device class support

The Aruba 610 Series APs are part of the low power indoor (LPI) device class. This fixed indoor-only class uses lower power levels and does not require an Automated Frequency Coordination service (AFC) to manage incumbent outdoor services, which is required for standard class APs.

Global readiness

While the need for more Wi-Fi capacity is recognized across the globe, countries are approaching the 6 GHz band differently. The 610 Series APs are set up to automatically update regulatory rules once Wi-Fi 6E regulations have been approved and certified.

Extend the benefits of Wi-Fi 6

The Aruba 610 Series APs are based on the 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) standard, which means that all its efficiency and security enhancements are also available on the 6 GHz band. Wi-Fi 6 features such as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), BSS coloring etc. are fully supported on the Aruba Wi-Fi 6E access points as well.

Additional information

Weight 520.0000 g
Dimensions 6.3000 × 6.3000 × 1.5400 in
Data Encryption


MIMO Technology


Frequency Band

2.40 GHz,5 GHz,6 GHz



Product Series


Antenna Form Factor


Packaged Quantity


Form Factor

Ceiling Mountable


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Product Model


Management Port


Beamforming Technology


Bluetooth Standard

Bluetooth 5

Wireless LAN Standard


Ethernet Technology

2.5 Gigabit Ethernet

Wireless Transmission Speed

3.60 Gbit/s



Encryption Standard


USB Standard

USB 2.0

Network Band

Tri Band

Product Type

Wireless Access Point

Power Consumption

5.60 W

PoE PD Port






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